Whitney Stockman

Graphic Design, Graduate Studies
Portfolio Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Rhetoric and Composition, Graduate Studies
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia
Bachelor of Arts in English
Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia


Whitney Stockman Studios, Denver, Colorado
Graphic Designer 2015–present
Designing a multitude of projects, mostly focusing in e-commerce and web, for several different clients.

Windsor Grace
Artist 2015–present
Creating art and jewelry along with all creative and business services

Carter's. Inc, Atlanta, Georgia
E-Commerce Graphic Designer 2015
Designed emails, homepages and electronic marketing materials for each of Carter's sales campaigns. I also spearheaded a rebrand of Carter's social voice and posting structure, which has added views and interactions to their social presence.

Big Fuel, New York
Graphic Designer and Lead Account Photographer 2014–2015
Concepted and executed social and community campaigns–which included concepting, design, photography, web design, digital design and food styling.

Millennium Communications, New York
Junior Designer 2013–2014
Assisted in concepting and producing work for a multitude of clients; including digital and print.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign

The Weather Channel
Awarded scholarship and internship with The Weather Channel
for winning Make Weather Relevant App Competition

Passionate knitter and crafter