Butterhands (student project)

This packaging was created during the 2013 48 Hour Repack competition sponsored the IOPP. Butterhands placed as a top 10 finalist.

Our design addresses problems with butter packaging: it’s difficult to cook with refrigerated butter because it’s so hard; cutting the butter into the tablespoon packaging measurements makes it impossible to reseal the butter in the original packaging; and once the butter is removed from the original packaging, it’s difficult to measure the butter.

Our Straus Family Butter Hands has divided the butter into squares each equaling a tablespoon, which easily separates from the whole of the bar in order to make measuring simpler. With the butter in it’s own square, it will heat to room temperature more quickly and melt at a lower temperature.

Removing the butter from the original packaging is simple and easy with the use of our butter hands paddles that slide each bar out of the package. As simply as the butter is removed, it can be put back into the bag and resealed to keep air and odors out.

Every aspect of the bag is compostable. We used soy based inks, chlorine and quilon free packaging along with wax for adhesive and biodegradable twist ties. The paddles are made of wood and use the same soy based inks so they may be added to a compost pile or kept as a nice keepsake. 


IOPP 2013 Design Competition


designer, lower quarter wrangler, defender of sleep


branding, packaging, video